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EBL Payroll Card

EBL Payroll Card

Three Steps of EBL Payroll Package
EBL Executive Salary Account:
Employees having a salary of Taka 15,000/- and above are entitled to open this account. This is a regular interest bearing savings account where your employees will get debit card, cheque book and internet banking facility. In this package employees may avail EBL credit card with a full waiver of annual fees. Other benefits include waiver of account services fees; preferential interest rate on loan and waiver on internet banking subscription fees.
EBL Easy Account:
EBL Easy account is a debit card only interest bearing savings account for staff having a salary range between Taka 5000/- and Taka 15000/-. Like the payroll card this card can be used anywhere for purchases and withdraw cash. With this convenient payday solution your employees can avoid cheque-cashing hassles and the risk of carrying cash.
EBL VISA Payroll Card:
Visa Payroll card is basically a prepaid card to help pay your employees salaries without bank accounts. Through this card you can pay the staff who draw a salary below Taka 5000/-. It can be used as debit card and is accepted for purchases, pay bills or withdraw cash. With this convenient payday solution your employees can avoid cheque-cashing fees and the risk of carrying cash.
Benefits of the EBL Payroll Package:
Benefits to the Employer:
Efficient Salary Disbursement
Transfer salaries/reimbursements directly from your current account with EBL to your employees account.
Single-instruction salary credit: same day salary credits for companies having corporate account with EBL
Eliminate payroll costs and responsibilities.
Dedicated relationship manager for each corporate to understand the financial requirements of your employees.
Benefits to the Employees:
Simple account opening procedures with minimum documentation.
No cheque-cashing hassles
Waiver of account services fee
Credit Card: Free for first year. *subject to credit assessment
Preferential pricing on debit cards, credit cards, loan products and other complementary banking products and services.
Access to VISA ATMs anywhere in the country.
Shop and pay bills wherever Visa Debit Cards are accepted
Flexible credit criteria.
Simpler documentation and fast track loan processing
Special discounts at selected merchants.
2 years
Issuance Fee
BDT. 200 + VAT
Transaction Limit
Daily cash withdrawal at ATMs: BDT 40,000; Daily POS transaction limit: BDT 100,000
Daily Calendar Limit
ATM – BDT. 40,000 & POS – BDT. 100,000
POS-8 transactions and ATM- 6 Transactions per day
a) Company Requirement
Completed Application Form
TIN Copy
Trade License Copy
Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association
Business Card or any proof of Authorized Signatory’s designation
b) Individual Requirement
Completed Application Form
Business Card
One Passport Size Photograph of the Applicant
Office ID Copy
How the Process Works
Company sends excel based payroll or salary payment instruction to EBL
EBL Loads the fund from master account to individual cards account
Fund can be taken out from ATM or used at POS through card
EBL Loads the fund from master account to individual cards account
Fund can be taken out from ATM or used at POS through card
Additional Features
Zero balanced prepaid card without maintaining any bank account
Ensure transfer to card within one hour (unless otherwise there is any unavoidable circumstances) – After receipt of debit instruction )
Confirmation SMS by Bank
Transaction Alert by bank – on demand
Annual expense summary statement to all members
Option of withdrawing fractional amount from card from branch
Travel Accident Insurance up to 100,000 @ premium – On demand
Chequebook facility to make payment (account payee only) to any person or organization (fee applicable)- on demand
Cash withdrawal facility across the country
In General withdrawal Limit: Min BDT 500, Max BDT 100,000.
Visa is the world’s leading payment solutions organization and a major payment card provider in Bangladesh. Eastern Bank Ltd. is the first Payroll Prepaid Card issuing bank in Bangladesh. Please call 01911 342924 to arrange a presentation session with the EBL team who will guide you through the program implementation and management at your organization.

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