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Saturday, May 19, 2018

May 19, 2018



LOCKER SERVICE : For safekeeping of customers’ valuables like important documents and goods like jewelries and gold ornaments, Agrani Locker Service is available in most of the Branches in urban areas.

Nature of ServiceNature of ChargesRate of Charges
Custody of Locker / SafeRent a) Yearly TK.2000/= for small size locker
b) Yearly TK.2500/= for medium size locker
c) Yearly TK.3000/= for big size locker
d) Key Deposit at a time for TK 5000/= for all Categories(Refundable on closing)
May 19, 2018

Safe Deposit Locker by AB Bank


Safe Deposit Locker

Category Locker Service

Looking for a safe storage place for your valuables?

A Safe Deposit Locker with AB Bank is the solution to your concern. Located at select branches in cities all over the country, our lockers ensure the safe keeping of your valuables.

Advantages / Key Benefits:

* Wide Availability.
* Lockers available in various sizes. i.e. Small, Medium and Large with varying rents.
* Lockers are rented out for a minimum period of one year. Rent is payable in advance.
* The rent may be conveniently paid from your deposit account with us.
* Direct debits for locker rentals from your account rid you of the hassles in writing out cheques.


An individual (not minor), firms, limited company, associations, clubs, trusts, societies, etc may hire a locker.

Nomination for Safe Deposit Locker:

* The Lockers and their contents can be nominated to people near and dear to you.
* Nomination facility is available to individual hirer of Safe Deposit Locker.
* In the case of a sole hirer of a safe deposit locker, nomination can be made in favour of only one individual.
* Where the safe deposit locker is hired in the name of a minor, the nomination shall be made by a person lawfully entitled to act on behalf of the minor.

Terms & Conditions:

* For obtaining a Locker at AB Bank you must be an account holder with our Bank.
* Lockers can be allotted individually as well as jointly.
* The Locker holder is permitted to add or delete names from the list of persons who can operate the Locker and can have access to it.
* Loss of Key is to be immediately informed to the concerned Branch.
* For Schedule of Rentals, please contact the branch nearest to you.