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Saturday, May 19, 2018

May 19, 2018

Other Services of Agrani Bank

Services » Agency Services
Agrani Bank Limited, being a state owned Bank, has both commercial commitment to its clients and sociatal commitment to the nation. Besides catering service to its clients at nominal fees/charges the Bank has to provide a plethora of services, free of charges, in respect of transfering money to diffrent benevolent organizations and groups of professionals in far flung areas through its branches in urban and rual areas all over Bangladesh.Here below are a few of such services Agrani Bank Limited provides:

1.Collection of Utility bills :
  • Telephone bills of T &T Authority without service charges
  • Grameen Phone bills of Grameen Phone Ltd. with service charge & other charges
  • Electric bill of REB without service charges
  • Electric bills of DESA without service charges
  • Electric bill of PDB without service charges
  • Electric bill of DESCO without service charges
  • Bills of Railways without service charges
  • Gas bill of Titas Gas, T& D Co. ltd without service charges
  • Gas bill of Bakhrabad Gas Co. ltd without service charges
  • Bill of Oil-bill of Meghna Petrolium Co. Ltd.
2.Sale/encashment of Saving Certificates
3.Sale/Purchase of Prize bonds
4.Payment of Army/civil pension
5.Payment of non-government primary /secondary school/college /Madrasha teachers benefit (government portion)
6.Payment of Government primary school teachers salary
7.Payment of Honorarium to freedom fighters.
8.Payment of stipend for female students of secondary and higher secondary institutions
9.Payment of Govt. allowances to Bayaska, Bidava and Dostho Mohila.
10.Payment of stipend to primary students
11.Payment of stipend to Shishu Kallyan Trust in urban areas.
12.Maintain of BADC disbursement account with 200 branches
13.Payment of Food Procurement bills.

LOCKER SERVICE : For safekeeping of customers’ valuables like important documents and goods like jewelries and gold ornaments, Agrani Locker Service is available in most of the Branches in urban areas.

Nature of ServiceNature of ChargesRate of Charges
Custody of Locker / SafeRent a) Yearly TK.900/= for small size locker
b) Yearly TK.1200/= for medium size locker
c) Yearly TK.1800/= for big size locker

EVENING BANKING SERVICES : “Evening Banking”, a unique service of Agrani Bank Limited, only for receiving Cash and Documents beyond transaction hours till 6 o’clock in the evening, is available in about 207 important Branches of Agrani Bank Limited. The service is attractive for those, like shopkeepers, who accumulate cash as sales proceeds in the afternoon when counters of Bank branches usually remain closed.

May 19, 2018



LOCKER SERVICE : For safekeeping of customers’ valuables like important documents and goods like jewelries and gold ornaments, Agrani Locker Service is available in most of the Branches in urban areas.

Nature of ServiceNature of ChargesRate of Charges
Custody of Locker / SafeRent a) Yearly TK.2000/= for small size locker
b) Yearly TK.2500/= for medium size locker
c) Yearly TK.3000/= for big size locker
d) Key Deposit at a time for TK 5000/= for all Categories(Refundable on closing)
May 19, 2018

Agrani Bank Investment Products of Islami Banking

Investment Products
Investment Activities:
Islamic Banking Windows invest the money of the depositors in different shariah based areas in following modes:-
1. Buying-Selling:
A. Bai-Murabaha:A contract between a Buyer and Seller under which the seller sells certain specific goods permissible under Islamic shariah and the Law of land to the Buyer at a cost plus agreed profit payable in cash or on any fixed future date in lump sum or by instalments. Profit disclosure is mandatory.
B. Bai-Muazzal:Shariah based buying-selling system where deferred payment is agreed between buyer and seller is typically known as Bai-Muazzal.
C. Bai-Salam:Advance purchase system is used to buy/sell of unfinished goods. Delivery time is fixed and payment is made in advance.
D. Bai-Istisna: This is also a system of advance purchase mainly for manufacturing item where all the advance can be made in installment or in single disbursement.

2. Share System:

A. Mudaraba:: Mudaraba is a sharing system where one party deploys capital and the other uses labor. Profit is distributed according to agreed ratio and loss is borne by capital owner.
B. Musharaka: Musharaka is a contract of partnership between two or more parties in which all the partners contribute capital, participate in the management, share the profit in proportion to their capital or as per pre-agreed ratio and bear the loss, if any, in proportion to their capital/equity ratio.

3. Hire-Purchase System (Hire Purchase Under sherkatul Melk):

Hire Purchase Under Sherkatul Melk(HPSM)is a system where bank invests in Capital Machineries, Consumer Items, House building etc. as equity partner. Then the item is used by the client and rent is collected as equity share.
May 19, 2018

Agrani Bank Deposit Products of Islami Banking

Deposit Products
Islamic Banking Branches and Windows collect deposits on two basic principles:

1. Al-Wadiah Account.
2. Mudaraba Account.

A. Al-Wadiah Account:
‘Al-Wadiah’ is the contract of giving total security of money of the depositors. In this regard, depositors do not participate or take any risk of business with the bank. Depositors hold the right to withdraw his or her money at any banking time. Depositors do not get profit from bank. Rather bank can deduct service charge from the account for maintaining and securing the deposit.
B. Mudaraba Account:
Mudaraba is a share based business system. Two parties involve in the contract where one party invests all the capital (owner of capital or Shahib-Al-Mal) and other uses his or her knowledge, experience, ability, skill and labor to run the business (Manager of Capital or Mudarib).
Different Types of Deposit Account

Sl.DepositProvisional Rate of Profit
1.Al-Wadeah Current Account
2.Mudaraba Savings Account3.50%
3.Mudaraba Special Notice Deposit(MSND)3.50%
4. Mudaraba Term Deposit Account(MTDR)
(A) 1 Month.3.50%
(B) 3 Months.5.00%
(C) 6 Months.5.50%
6 Months(above Tk. 5.00 crore)6.00%
(D) 1 Year and above.6.00%
1 Year and above(above Tk 5.00 crore)6.50%
5.Mudaraba Special Savings Scheme
(a) 5 Years7.00%
(b) 10 Years8.00%
6.Mudaraba Hajj Deposit Scheme
(a) 1 Year to 5 years7.50%
(b) 6 Years to 10 years8.50%
7.Mudaraba Mohor Savings Deposit Scheme
(a) 5 Years6.50%
(b) 10 Years7.50%
8.Mudaraba Cash Waqf Deposit Scheme8.50%
9.Mudaraba ‘Probashi kallyan’ Savings Account4.50%
May 19, 2018

Islamic Banking of Agrani Bank

Islamic Banking
Islamic banking, in contrast to conventional banking, involves the provision of financial products and services by institutions offering Islamic financial services for Shariah approved underlying transactions and economic activities, based on contracts that comply with Islamic Shariah laws.

To provide shariah based banking services to the valued clients, Agrani Bank Limited has launched islami banking facility. Agrani Bank Limited is the first state-owned Commercial Bank in Bangladesh to introduce Shariah Based Islamic Banking System. In Agrani Bank Limited, Islamic Banking system is operated under ‘Islamic Banking Unit’ since February 28, 2010 through 5 Islamic Banking Windows. Overall business performance of Islami Banking Unit is increasing in all areas.

A highly qualified and skilled Shariah Supervisory Committee is formed with renowned Professors of Dhaka University and scholars of Islami Shahiah and Banking. This committee is chaired by Prof. Moulana Mohammad Salahuddin, Khatib of the National Mosque Baitul Mukarram.

Islamic Banking Activities:
*Collection of Deposit.
*Fund Transfer.
*Foreign Remittance.
May 19, 2018

Investment Account Opening Information of Agrani Bank

Investment Account Opening Information
Initial Deposit
Minimum Deposit : Tk. 25,000/-
Margin Loan Ratio : As per SEC directions

Interest, Fees, Commission etc.

Cost of Account Opening Form : Tk. 25.00
Initial Documentation Charge : Tk. 500.00
Brokerage Commission : 0.35% on the value of traded securities

Interest on Margin Loan

Interest rate : 15%
Mode of charging interest : Quarterly

Service Charge

Portfolio Management : 1% with a minimum charge of Tk. 500.00 per annum
Mode of Service Charge : Quarterly
* Charges, fees etc may change time to time at the discretion of Agrani Equity & Investment Limited.
May 19, 2018

NR Investors Taka Account of Agrani Bank

NRB Banking » NR Investors Taka Account
With a view to helping Wage Earners invest in shares and securities in Bangladesh “Nonresident Investor’s Taka (NIT) Account” has been introduced. A Wage Earner can open a NIT Account with any AD Branch of Agrani Bank Limited under the following conditions:
Dividends or sale proceeds of shares or securities may be deposited in the NIT Account
Account Holder can repatriate the available balance amount of the account in foreign currency back to any country of his/her choice
Dividend and capital gains deposited in the account are exempted from Income Tax
The account can be operated by nominee (s).
May 19, 2018

Non Resident Foreign Currency Deposit of Agrani Bank

NRB Banking » Non Resident Foreign Currency Deposit
All nonresident Bangladesh nationals and persons of Bangladesh origin including those having dual nationality and ordinarily residing abroad may maintain interest bearing Time Deposit Accounts named “Nonresident Foreign Currency Deposit (NFCD) Accounts” with any Authorized Dealer (AD) Branch of Agrani Bank.

Bangladesh nationals serving with Embassies/High Commissions of Bangladesh in Foreign countries as also the officers/staff of the Government/Semi Government Departments, nationalized banks and employees of corporate bodies posted abroad or deputed with International and Regional agencies like IMF, World Bank, IDB, ADB etc. during their assignments abroad may open such accounts with Agrani Bank Limited. Crew members of the Bangladeshi shipping companies are not entitled to open such accounts, but shore staff posted abroad may open such accounts. Accounts may also be opened with funds transferred from existing foreign currency accounts maintain by the wage earners with any AD Branch of Agrani Bank.

The accounts are in the nature of Term Deposits maturing after one month, three months, six months and one year. The accounts may be maintained in US Dollar,Euro, Pound Sterling or Japanese Yen: initially with minimum amount of US$1000 or Pound Sterling 500 or equivalent. Account may be opened against remittances in other convertible currencies after conversion of those into US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling or Japanese Yen.

These Accounts may be maintained as long as the Account Holders desire. Eligible persons are also allowed to open such Accounts within six months of their return to Bangladesh.

Eligible Bangladesh nationals may send applications along with a set of specimen signatures of the opener of the account to any AD Branch of Agrani Bank. in Bangladesh duly verified by any Bangladesh Mission abroad, or a reputable Bank or any other person known to the AD Branch of Agrani Bank in Bangladesh. The Application Forms may be procured from Bangladesh Missions Abroad and from any AD Branch of Agrani Bank. in Bangladesh. No set of specimen signatures will be required to be enclosed with the application form if the application is submitted to an AD with whom the applicant has already been holding a Foreign Currency Account. In such a case reference to the respective FC account number will serve as self-introduction and the account-opening branch will verify the signature with the specimen signature maintained for the FC account.

The concerned AD Branch of Agrani Bank will pay interest on deposits into the accounts at the Euro Currency Deposit rates. In case of premature repayments, the interest amount will be forfeited to the depositing AD Branch. The interest on deposits into this account is exempt from the tax payable under Income Tax Act.

The Account Holder can freely repatriate the balance and the interest accrued thereon in foreign exchange to the country of his residence or anywhere he chooses and may at his option, convert the balance into local Taka at the prevailing exchange rate.

Foreign nationals and companies/ firms registered and/or incorporated abroad, banks, other financial institutions, including institutional investors and 100% foreign owned industrial units in the Export Processing Zones in Bangladesh, are also allowed to open and maintain NFCD accounts with the ADs. The minimum amount of time deposits in such cases should be US$ 25,000 or its equivalent in Pound Sterling, Euro or Japanese Yen. Other terms and conditions in respect of these account-holders will be the same as those mentioned above for NFCD accounts of non-resident Bangladesh nationals.

For further information, please contact: Deputy General Manager
Agrani Bank Limited
Foreign Currency Management Division
Head Office
Tel: (+8802) 9570640
Fax: (+8802) 956 3662
May 19, 2018

Foreign Currency Account of Agrani Bank

NRB Banking » Foreign Currency Account
Account opened and maintained by authorized dealer branches in Foreign Currency without prior approval of Bangladesh Bank is called Foreign Currency Accounts.
Who can open?
Bangladeshi nationals working or earning abroad including self-employed Bangladeshi immigrants proceeding abroad on employment may open F.C. Account even without initial deposit.
Foreign nationals residing abroad or in Bangladesh and also Foreign firms registered abroad and operating in Bangladesh or abroad.
Foreign missions and their expatriate employees.
Bangladeshi nationals working with the Foreign/ International organizations operating in Bangladesh provided their salary is paid in Foreign Currency or their consultancy fees/honoraria received in Foreign Currency.
Diplomatic Bonded Warehouse (duty free shops) licensed by the custom authorities.
Local and Joint Venture contracting firms employed to execute projects by foreign donors/international donor agencies as per relevant contract which will be closed as soon as the projects are concluded.
Foreign Currency (F.C.) Account may be opened in the following foreign currencies:
U.S. Dollar (USD)
Great Britain Pound Sterling (GBP)
Japanese Yen. (JPY).
Documents required for opening F.C. Account:
Prescribed Account Opening Form
2(Two) Passport size photographs
Authorised Specimen Signature Card
Proof of employment or other related documents.
In case of nominee additional 2 copies of passport size photograph of the nominee
Photo copies of Passport or other related documents.
Mode of Deposits:
The Foreign Currency Accounts may be credited in the following ways:
Cash Foreign Currency brought in by the depositor.
Travellers Cheques.
Cheques or Drafts.
Money Order Receipt
By Electronic Fund Transfer.
The ADs maintaining foreign currency accounts can pay interest of F.C. Accounts, if the accounts are maintained in the form of Term Deposits for a minimum period of 90 days. Interest rates are comparable with the rates available on similar accounts maintained abroad.
Retention of Foreign Currency in Accounts;
Bangladeshi citizens and other persons residing in Bangladesh or abroad are required to self-declare such F.C. to an AD within one month from the date of acquisition by them of such F.C.
This regulation is exempted for the followings:
Foreign diplomats, nationals, missions, embassies and expatriate employees of foreign business houses, contractors or consultants who are receiving their salaries partly or entirely in foreign currency abroad.
Portion of repatriated export proceeds kept in Retention Quota Accounts.
Foreign Exchange brought in at the time of return can be credited to RFC account.
And upto US$ 5,000/- brought in undeclared at the time of return from abroad can be retained at hand.
Use of F.C. account balance:
The F.C. can be used for payments for the purpose mentioned while opening the account.
Funds may be utilized by the account holders for import of commodities as per instruction of Bangladesh Bank & CCI&E.
Funds may be brought back to the country of the Account Holder living abroad. Fund may be used for traveling, payments of credit card bills, education expenses and treatment expenses.
Fund may be converted to local currency by the Account Holder or Nominee.
May 19, 2018

Debit card of Agrani Bank Limited

Debit Card
aa zz

Agrani Bank Limited has launched Debit card under Q-cash brand shared ATM network system maintained by Information Technology Consultants Limited (ITCL). At present more than 26 banks are the members of this Q-Cash branded shared Network and more than 1200 ATMs are in operation in the network.

Facilities of ATM/DEBIT Card:

  • Cash transactions.
  • Balance inquiry.

Annual fee for ATM/DEBIT card

For Customer:

  • Issue fee is TK.250.00
  • Renewal fee is TK.250.00
  • Replacement fee is TK.250.00
  • PIN reissue fee is TK.200.00

For Bank Personnel:

  • Issue fee is TK.200.00
  • Renewal fee is TK.200.00
  • Replacement fee is TK.200.00
  • PIN reissue fee is TK.200.00
May 19, 2018

Current Account of Agrani Bank

Current Account
Current account means any account which pays little or no interest but form which the customer can withdraw money when he wants by writing cheque during a working day. This type of accounts may be established in the name of individual or firms. This account is best suited for a business man.
May 19, 2018

Farmers Account of Agrani Bank Limited


Farmers Account

Category Service
কৃষকদেরকে ব্যাংকের দৈনন্দিন কর্মকান্ডের আওতায় নিয়ে আসার জন্য বর্তমান সরকারের এই প্রচেষ্টাকে চলমান প্রক্রিয়া হিসাবে গণ্য করতে হবে । সমগ্র অর্থনৈতিক কর্মপ্রবাহের সাথে দেশের সকল কৃষক জনগোষ্টিকে একীভূত করে সামগ্রিকভাবে Functional Inclusion ঘটাতে হবে। কৃষকদের ১০/- টাকা জমা নিয়ে খোলা সঞ্চয়ী হিসাবে নিম্নরূপ দৃষ্টিতে মূল্যায়ন করতে হবে।

* উক্ত হিসাবকে প্রচলিত সঞ্চয়ী হিসাবের যাবতীয় প্রক্রিয়ার মধ্যে আনায়ন করতে হবে।
* বিদেশে কর্মরত কৃষকদের সন্তান / আত্মীয় স্বজনেরা যেন উক্ত হিসাবে রেমিটেন্স জমা করে সে ব্যাপারে কৃষকদেরকে উদ্বুদ্ধ করতে হবে। এই লক্ষ্যে প্রয়োজনীয় উদ্ধুদ্ধ করন ও প্রচারনা চালাতে হবে ।
* প্রচলিত নিয়মানুযায়ী চেক বই/জমা বই ইত্যাদি চাহিদা মোতাবেক তাদেরকে সরবরাহ করতে হবে।
* সঞ্চয়ী হিসাব খোলার মাধ্যমে কৃষকগণ যে সকল সুবিধা পাবে তা উল্লেখ পূর্বক হিসাব খোলার জন্য তাকে ধন্যবাদ পত্র দিতে হবে।
* ১০/-(দশ) টাকা জমা গ্রহনের মাধ্যমে কৃষকদের খোলা ব্যাংক হিসাবে জমাকৃত অনধিক ১,০০,০০০.০০(এক লক্ষ) টাকা সি’তির উপর প্রযোজ্য আবগারী শুল্ক হতে সরকার অব্যাহতি প্রদান করেছে। এ ছাড়া অত্র বিভাগের পত্র নং পঋবি/হিসাব/৫৭৩/১০ তারিখ ০২-০৬-১০ উল্লেখ আছে যে, কৃষকদের সঞ্চয়ী হিসাবে সার্ভিস চার্জ কর্তনযোগ্য হবে না ।
* কৃষকের এই হিসাবে প্রচলিত সুদের হার থেকে বেশী হারে সুদ প্রদেয় হবে।

অগ্রণী ব্যাংক লিমিটেড অদ্যাবধি ১৩,৪০,০৭০.০০ কৃষকের ১০/- টাকার ব্যাংক একাউন্ট খুলেছে ।

May 19, 2018

Fixed Deposit Account of Agrani Bank Limited

Personal Banking » Deposits » Fixed Deposit Account
Opening a Fixed Deposit Account for different terms with any Branch of Agrani Bank Limited is very simple. Any individual or a group of individuals can step into any Branch of Agrani Bank Limited, fill out a prescribed form, handover cash or easily cashable instrument of any amount and leave the Branch with a Fixed Deposit Receipt.
Term Deposit Accounts – Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR)
For 3 months & above, but less than 6 months4.50%
For 6 months & above, but less than 1 year4.75%
For 1 year & above, but less than 2 years5.00%
May 19, 2018

Savings Accounts of Agrani Bank

Personal Banking » Deposits » Savings Accounts
Savings Bank Account can be opened in any branch of Agrani Bank by any Bangladeshi citizen in the name of an individual or a group of individuals which can be operated singly or jointly:
Requirements for opening a Savings Bank Account
Account Opening Form to be duly filled out and submitted to a chosen branch of Agrani Bank along with three passport sized copies of the applicant’s recent photograph duly attested by an introducer who must be an Account Holder of any Branch of Agrani Bank. Attested copy of Bangladesh Passport of the applicant may also serve as an Introducer
An initial deposit of Tk. 100/- is required for opening of the A/c.
Minimum balance of Tk. 50/- to be maintained in the A/c.
A Savings Bank Account may also be opened in the name of a minor which has to be operated by the minor’s guardian.
An account in the name of an illiterate person can also be opened which is to be operated by the Account Holder’s thumb impression. For each and every transaction of the Account the illiterate Account Holder has to present himself/herself before the concerned Branch officials.
All required information as per terms mentioned in the Account Opening Form
Interest for the Account is applied in June and December on monthly product basis.
An amount of Tk. 20,000/- or 25% of the balance, whichever is lower, can be withdrawn at a time from the account; two withdrawals per week are permissible. Otherwise, the Account is deprived of interest accrued in the month when the permissible provisions are not complied by.
May 19, 2018

Agrani Bank Limited All Information

Agrani Bank Limited

Phone: 02-9551569, 9554497, 9561556, 9553064
Fax: 880-02-9566153-54
Head Office
9D, Dilkusha C/A, Motijheel, Dhaka 1000
Known As

Agrani Bank was nationalized after liberation of Bangladesh. It started functioning as a commercial bank in 1972 and continued as a public sector bank till 16 May, 2007. On 17 May the bank started the third chapter of its life as a limited company. The bank now performs its commercial banking operation through 873 outlets all over Bangladesh under the leadership of a 13 member Board of Directors.

The services and products of Agrani Bank are possible to classify in the following broad divisions:

  • Personal
  • Corporate
  • Business
  • Agri &Rural
  • SME
  • Merchant
  • NRB
  • Islami

Let’s have a look deeper into each of them.

Personal Banking

Personal banking products are Deposit, Loan and Card services offered by ABL. Deposit services are Savings bank account, Fixed deposit receipt, Pension sanchay scheme. These schemes enhance small savings of limited income people to be accumulated.

Loan products at personal level are Home loan, Consumer loan, and Advance against salary. These programs help to achieve your dreams just in time and at a minimum effort.

Agrani Bank presents Debit card for the clients sharing a network with other four renowned banks of the country. Fees for the card are nominal. You may have a debit card from ABL and enjoy a life free from any tension of carrying cash.

Corporate Banking

Agrani Bank provide deposit services like Current account and Fixed deposit for its corporate clients. On the other hand it arranges funds through syndication of banks for big, corporate projects. Thus the bank is contributing to uplift the national economy to a higher level.

Business support

With a view to building up a fund of Tk. 500 crore for financing industrial projects, ABL introduced Agrani Bank Shilpa Unnayan Bond in 1999. There are two types of bonds, 5 and 7 years. The lowest denomination is Tk. 50,000 and highest one is of Tk. 500,000. Interest rate is good enough to attract people.

Major credit Schemes for business people are Industrial Credit, Trade Finance, Import Finance and Export Finance. If you are a deserving candidate for any of them, or you need any documentary support from Agrani Bank, you may pay a visit to any branch of ABL.

Agri & Rural Banking

Now bottom line farmers may have a bank account depositing Tk.10 only. Agrani Bank provides this service to rural Bangladesh. Young generation intending to go abroad for jobs may have loan for their air tickets and other expenses against nominal securities.

Other rural economical activities are also supported by Agrani Bank credit programs. The areas addressed are Cultivation (flower and others), Fisheries, Poultry, Purchasing Agri and irrigation machinery and ploughing animals. So it can be said that ABL is working to promote economic growth of Bangladesh from the very grass root level which is 80% of national economy.

SME Banking

Small and medium enterprise of the country is one of the deserving sectors for financial support. Agrani Bank justifiably provide credit to them under different schemes. ABL launched a joint venture program named Small Enterprise Development Program (SEDP) with NORAD, a Norwegian agency in 1995. This program was implemented in greater Mymensingh and Faridpur districts. The target fields were rice mill, oil mill, nursery, repairing shops, fishery, weaving and many more.

The bank is presenting micro credit and other supports to land less day labor for alleviation of poverty by generating employment. Agrani Bank had designed some programs in collaboration with other agencies. One such program is Employment Generation Project for Rural Poor (EGPRP). This program was launched in 1995.

All these programs are very much favorable to the micro enterprises and the poor. Terms and conditions are also customer friendly and easy to follow.

Banking for NRBs

Nonresident Bangladeshis now get banking facility through Agrani Bank. They may have an account in taka, they may invest in Dollar Bonds. They are also allowed to have an F/C account. If you are one of them you can avail these opportunities. Your nominees are also entitled for these scopes.

Merchant Banking

The merchant banking unit of Agrani Bank was turned into a subsidiary entity in 2009 and named as Agrani Equity & Investment Limited. This unit serves Issue management, Underwriting and Portfolio management functions.

Islami Banking

Among the nationalized banks Agrani was the first to introduce Islami Banking service. Agrani Bank provides completely interest free Shariah based banking to the clients. Deposit services offer interest free profit in compliance with Shariah. If you desire to get Islami banking service you are welcome at its Islami banking unit in its H/Q.

Agrani Bank, as per its slogan, is always beside the people in their struggle to come up with sustainable economic growth for themselves and for the nation.