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Saturday, May 19, 2018

May 19, 2018

SME Banking by AB Bank


SME Banking

Considering the volume, role and contribution of the SMEs, in the last two decades AB Bank has been patronizing this sector by extending credit facilities of different types and tenor. As of now 54% of the bank’s total loan portfolio is segmented to the SMEs which deserve all out attention in our plans, projections and forecasting.

As such the bank has emphasized on the following issues:

* To provide the best services to the SME sector
* To increase the SME portfolio of ABBL significantly
* To improve the quality of ABBL’s portfolio

SME Sectors in which AB Bank has participated so far:

* Agro machinery
* Poultry
* Animal Feed
* Dairy Product
* Fruit Preservation
* Hotel & Restaurants
* Garments Accessories
* Leather products
* Plastic product
* Furniture : Wooden & Metal
* Ink
* Paint
* Printing & Packaging
* Wire & Cable
* Aluminum
* Cement and Lime Plaster
* Clinics and Hospitals
* Engineering & Scientific Instruments