Thursday, October 4, 2018

Balance Transfer in DBBL

Balance Transfer in DBBL

Now any Dutch Bangla Bank Limited’s Acount holder can transfer balance from one account to any other account upto 50,000 taka per day within a second. To transfer balance from one Account to another you should follow some steps:
First, Enter your debit card and pin number
Second, Select Fund Transfer option & then Select Third party
Third, Provide account Number (which Account Number you want to transfer)
Should provide 13 digits:
Example1: Account no 123.101.2345; you will enter 1231010002345
Example2: Account no 123.101.12345; you will enter 1231010012345
Example3: Account no 123.101.123456; you will enter 1231010123456
(You should provide first six digits of your Account number then you will enter zero to fulfill your desire 13 digits account number.)
Fourth, After confirm your desire account number select Correct Button
Fift, Enter Amount you want to transfer & select Correct button
Shortcut: Fund Transfer > Third party > Acoount No > Amount
After successful transfer You will get a Acknowledgement slip and keep it for future reference.

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