Saturday, May 19, 2018

Titanium MasterCard - AB Bank Limited

Worldwide Acceptance

Enjoy the best benefits on your AB Bank Titanium MasterCard Credit Card with every use. AB Bank Titanium MasterCard Credit Card is accepted at over 40,000,000 (40 Million) merchant points and over 2,000,000 (2 Million) ATMs both within and outside Bangladesh. This card can be used for regular purchase ranging from Super Stores, Hotels, Restaurants, Airlines, Hospitals, Jewelry to Electronics and Computer Shops.


Maximum Credit Limit

Considering the target customer segment, AB Bank Titanium MasterCard Credit Card is designed to offer the maximum credit limit of BDT 10,00,000 in accordance with Bangladesh Bank guidelines.


Supplementary Card

At AB Bank Limited, you and your family are our highest priority. That is the reason, we offer you the opportunity to share your credit card benefits with your loved ones by availing free supplementary AB Bank Titanium MasterCard Credit Card for them. A supplementary AB Bank Credit Card offers the following features:

  • The supplementary credit card holder can share all your credit card benefits and features, such as dining and shopping privileges, airport lounge access, Priority Pass and much more.
  • Control the monthly spending of the supplementary credit card(s) by setting a specific limit for each supplementary card.
  • Easily monitor your monthly expenses through your monthly statement, which shows the amounts spent on the main credit card and each supplementary credit card. Besides, both the primary and supplementary credit cardholders receive an SMS and email notification after every transaction.


Immediate Cash Advance Facility
Some of life’s surprises arise at the most unexpected moments. Treat your AB Bank Titanium MasterCard Credit Card as your instant source for cash. You can use it to get emergency cash when you need it most.To meet your immediate cash requirement, AB Bank MasterCard Credit Card’s cash advance facility allows you to withdraw instant cash from any AB Bank ATM and MasterCard ATMs across Bangladesh and at any ATM locations worldwide which has the MasterCard logo. You can withdraw up to 50% of your credit limit through this facility.
Balance Transfer
With the AB Bank Titanium Credit Card Balance Transfer Facility, you have the opportunity to pay off balances which you owe to other banks through your AB Bank Titanium Credit Card, on an affordable transfer rate.
Complimentary Access to Balaka Lounge at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport,Dhaka
As a valued customer AB Bank Titanium MasterCard Credit Card gives you complimentary access to the comfort of Balaka Business Lounge at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka.
Great Discounts & 0% interest EMI
AB Bank Credit Card along with MasterCard offers a world of exciting discounts whether for shopping, fine dining, or world class travelling. In Bangladesh, over 1100 merchant merchant outlets are offering fabulous discounts and/or zero percent interest EMI to AB Titanium MasterCard Credit Cardholders. This will allow you not only to save money but also you can shop more with the money saved. The number of merchants offering discounts is increasing every day to cater to your growing needs.
Transaction Alert via SMS and Email
With the transaction alert service, you can keep track of every transaction made through your Credit Card via SMS and even via Email. Moreover, you will get Credit Card’s mini statement details instantly without postal delays.
24-Hour Call Centre
Our Call Centre is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world. For any enquiry on your AB Bank Credit Card, simply call at 16207 (From Mobile Phone), 096789 16207.
Statement via Email
Receive your statement as soon as it is available. No need to wait for 7 to 14 days of postal delivery.E-Statement is a digital version of your paper statements. You will receive your credit card statement in a password-protected file through your email. It eliminates waiting for your printed statements as well as storing and filing of the statements.
Flexible Payment Options

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